New Passport


Eligibility for a Sri Lankan passport

You can obtain a Sri Lankan passport if you are – A Sri Lankan Citizen by descent or by registration.


Validity Period of a passport

Currently issued N series passports are valid for 10 years unless and otherwise specified.

Application procedure

All applicants who hold Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence Visas and Student Visas and who wish to apply for a New Sri Lankan Passport ei. ten years expiry of present passport, page exhausted, physically damaged, and newborn baby, other than lost Sri Lankan passport, should submit the following documents along with the duly completed application form and other relevant supporting documents and are requested to follow the following instructions:

Application Forms

“Form ‘K’ could be obtained as a PDF Document by clicking on the link

Special Attention

Three (3) identical copies of colour photographs not more than six months old of size 3.5cm x 4.5cm, with direct face (both ears must be fully visible without concealing any part and without spectacles) and in a light coloured background without the outer border to be affixed to the Form “K”. Do not staple or pin.

Document to be attached

Original documents (1) to (8) to be submitted with two photocopies each.

  1. Original Birth Certificate– issued by the Registrar General, District Registrar, Divisional Registrar.Certified copies and translations are not accepted.Note: Passports will be issued as per the name appearing on the Original Sri Lankan Birth Certificate unless the name change has been done on the same by the Registrar General in Sri Lanka. Any change of names done abroad or the person’s current usage of a different name in a document issued by a foreign government will not be considered for issuance of new passports.
  2. Citizenship Certificate – if the applicant was born outside Sri Lanka, the Citizenship Certificate issued by the Citizenship Division of the Department of Immigration & Emigration in Sri Lanka.Note:If an applicant born outside Sri Lanka has reached 21 years, he/she should submit the Citizenship Certificate with the endorsement made by the Citizenship Division on the reverse of the certificate regarding the applicant’s continuation of the Sri Lankan nationality.
  3. Original Previous/Current Passport – Current passport should be submitted along with two sets of photocopies of the following pages: Photo page, Endorsement / Alteration, Valid visa pages.
  4. National Identity Card – Applicants who hold current/previous Passports with NIC numbers indicated in the Passports,are not required to produce NIC for renewal of the Passports. Applicants who apply for a Sri Lankan Passport for the first time should produce the NIC. Current holders of Sri Lankan Passport with NONIC number have to submit a copy of the NIC issued in Sri Lanka.
  5. Applicants who have Dual Citizenship– a copy of the Dual Citizenship Certificate and a copy of the foreign passport. Those who do not hold foreign previous Passport should confirm it by a letter signed by the applicant.
  6. Marriage Certificate – If you wish to change the name consequent to marriage – Original Marriage Certificate. (Photocopies / copies certified by other parties / translations will not be accepted)
  7. Profession/Occupation -Certified copies of educational/professional qualifications and a valid document issued by relevant authorities/agencies confirming the occupation is required for inclusion of profession or occupation. These documents are required even if the occupation/profession of the applicant is already indicated in the previous/current Passport.
  8. Proof of Visa Status- Visa endorsement on the passport, visa notification issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Sri Lanka or VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online).
  9. The VEVO can be obtained from:
  10. Photographs:Size 3.5 x 4.5 cm. clear coloured photographs ( not glossy or semi-glossy)with full front face, both ears visible and without spectacles
  11. Student Visa Holders would be required to produce their Student Identity Card , confirmation of enrollment and a letter from the Educational Institution at which the student is studying stating whether “the Student Visa was granted to the applicant or spouse, whether on scholarship and who is funding”.

Payment Details (With effect from 1 July 2019)

Fees for issuing Travel Documents

  • Passport All Countries AUD $ 225.00 (If the passport is expired, additional fine of AUD $ 5 for each year)
  • Non-Machine Readable Passport AUD $ 77.00
  • New passport in lieu of lost passport if a copy is available AUD $ 531.00
  • New passport in lieu of lost passport if a copy is not available AUD $ 673.00
  • Postage fee 10.00
  • Non machine readable passport when applied with the 10 year normal passport AUD 42.00

Payment should be made in Cash at the counter or by Postal Orders, Money Order/ Bankers Draft drawn in favour of the “Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Sydney if sent by post. Personal or Company cheques and credit cards are not accepted

Additional Information

  1. New passports can also be issued to children who are already included in the parent’s passports or to those who were born in Sri Lanka and have obtained the Sri Lanka Birth Certificate and Sri Lanka Citizenship certificate issued by the Citizenship Division in Colombo, after registering their birth at this Mission or Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra.
  2. Validity of a passport cannot be extended beyond 10 years from the date of its issue. If the passport is due to expire after 10 years or if there are no pages for visa endorsements or the photograph of the applicant appears different, a new passport should be obtained.
  3. Sri Lankan citizens who have applied and gained refuge or asylum status in Sri Lanka are NOT entitled to a Sri Lankan Passport or to renew validity of an existing passport. However, they are eligible to apply for temporary travel documents for the sole purpose of returning to Sri Lanka. It is valid for one entry to Sri Lanka.
  4. Applications for new passports should be made well in advance of the expiry of the current passport

Once your application is accepted,

  1. It will be forwarded to the Overseas Missions Division of the Immigration and Emigration Department in Colombo. If all the required documents are submitted, it normally takes around 8 to 12 weeks to receive the new passport.This Mission cannot guarantee the issuance of a passport within a specific period.
    Note: During the processing of new passports the Controller Immigration and Emigration cancels the old passport and therefore applicants are advised to refrain from traveling to Sri Lanka until the receipt of the new passport.
  2. Once we receive your new passport at this mission you will be informed by phone. You are required to bring the current passport/emergency passport (if retained by you) along with your Cash Receipt to this Mission on any working day between 9.30 a.m. & 1.30 p.m. in order to collect your new passport.
  3. If you are unable to collect the new passport in person a representative could be nominated in writing to collect your passport on your behalf. The representative should provide an authorization letter along with the Cash Receipt and his/her photo identification.
  4. On your request, your new passport & current passport/emergency passport may be returned to you by post. Note:The Mission will not take any responsibility for documents lost in the post.
  5. The Department of Immigration and Emigration has introduced mandatory collection of biometrics (finger prints and digital face image) and Automated Finger Print Identification (AFIS) for the applicants who apply for passports via Sri Lanka Missions Abroad with immediate effect. Please read Collection of Biometric Data.

For further details please contact the Consular Division

Contact on 02 92238729 or 02 92238742 or email us through

Submission of forged Birth Certificates or any other documents and making false declarations relating to the citizenship status is an offence. Such cases will be reported to relevant authorities and payment will not be refunded.