1. Registration of birth outside Sri Lanka is carried out by the Consulate General office. Sydney New South Wales 2000

(Under: (a) Section 5 (2) of the Citizenship Act and (b) Section 16 or 24 of the Birth Registration Act.)

Respective area
Office & Contact Details
New South Wales, Queensland


Sri Lanka Consulate General in Sydney

Level 11, No 48, Hunter Street,

Sydney 2000

Tel: 02 9223 8729 / 02 9223 8742

Fax :02 9223 8750


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Consular Hours: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Consular Inquiries:  Until 4.30 pm

Honorary Consul office:

26, Dannenberg Street, Carseldine, Queensland 4034


E-mail: sl_honconcul@hotmail.com

Telephone: 0061723618483 /0061438194852

 2.Steps to be taken and checklist
Important details



Application for birth registration and citizenship

Fill the application in “BLOCK CAPITAL” letters in duplicate
2.      Child’s mother OR farther OR both should be Sri Lankan citizen/s at the time of the child’s birth
3.      All applications must be completed and signed by one and the same parent.
4.      Please select the CORRECT application set from the following, based on the age of your child:

i.   Application for child less than 03 months of age on the Date of Birth [Form B4]

ii.  Application for child aged after 03  months on the date of Birth  [Form B6]

5.      o    All applicants must submit the Citizenship application as well at the time they apply for the birth registration.

       Application for Citizenship 1



Documents to be submitted(02 sets of photocopies with originals)

o    Child’s local birth certificate – original (with parents’ details) – Compulsory
7.      o    Father’s birth certificate original– Compulsory
8.      o    Mother’s birth certificate – original– Compulsory
9.      o    Parent’s Marriage certificate – original – Compulsory
10.    o    Parent’s passports –originals with photocopies of bio data page, (VEVO)
11.    o    Parents’ current passports (if different from above) originals with photocopies of bio data page, endorsement & renewals, and visa pages
12.    o    Certificate of Evidence of Residence Status – If it is in Australia “Visa Entitlement Verification Online” (VEVO)
13.    o    Statutory Declaration should be completed by the child’s father or mother, who is a Sri Lankan at the time of the child’s birth, in duplicate and certified by the Consul General, Sydney or Honorary Consul Brisbane (0061-723618483)– Compulsory
14.    o    The original dual citizenship certificate is required if the applicant is a dual citizen at the time of the child’s birth. – Compulsory
15.    o    If parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth an affidavit relating to Paternity and Declaration of Citizenship certified by the Consul General, Sydney or Honorary Consul Brisbane – Compulsory
16.    o    Covering Letter with contact details [Tel Nos, E-mail addresses and fax No. If available] – Compulsory
17.    Applicable fees Australia

o    Registration & Issuance of birth certificate AUD 35.00.

o    Issuance of certified copy of the birth certificate AUD 35.00.

o    Registration of Citizenship=   50.00

o    Postage Charges               =  25.00

                       Total AUD         =145.00

Note (Important):

o    A late registration fee [A$12 per each year] will be charged, beyond the 1st year of the birth.

o    If any applicant needs original documents returned earlier, he/she must provide additional postage/courier charges.

o    The application in respect of Citizenship Registration will be sent to the Controller General / Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo and upon receipt of the prescribed certificate from the Department of Immigration & Emigration, it will be sent to the applicant.

o    Parents are advised to keep this Mission informed if address / contact details are changed in the interim period.

o    Incomplete applications and missing documents may result in delays.

18.    Payment method o    If the applicant physically visits the Consulate offices, he/she can pay by Cash.

Note: Credit/ATM/Debit cards AND personal or Company cheques will not be accepted.

o    If the applicant desires to pay by Money order, Bank draft, please send in favor of “Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Sydney”

If applicant wishes to make direct bank transfer, please contact consulate General office –92238729


Special Notes (Important)


o    Fees will not be refunded under any circumstance, after issuance of an official receipt.

o    Translations will not be accepted as originals.

o    All photocopies should be on A4 size paper.

o    Consulate General will attest the documents and return the originals to the applicant

o    If the applicant needs to send/receive documents (by express courier service or speed post etc) on an urgent basis, he/she must organize them independently.

o     Consulate General is unable to take any responsibility for documents lost or delayed in the post/courier.

 3. Special Note

Children born outside Sri Lanka, whose birth is registered with a Sri Lanka Mission abroad, are issued with certificates under the Consular Functions Act by the Registrar General’s Office and under the Ceylon Citizenship Act by the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Certificates issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration will become void on reaching the age of 21 years, at which time the child will have to decide whether to retain Sri Lanka Citizenship or the citizenship of the country of birth or both, by making an application to the Department of Immigration and Emigration before he completes the age of 21 years.

If the applicant does not comply with this requirement, he/she will automatically lose Sri Lankan Citizenship as stated at the bottom of the Certificate issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration. In view of the above it is advisable for the parents to keep their children informed of this requirement

For further details please contact the Consular Division

Contact on 02 92238729 or 02 92238742 or email us  slcg.sydney@mfa.gov.lk