Documents originating from Sri Lanka which carry due authentication by the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka will be counter-authenticated by this Consulate General. Documents originating from Australia will be authenticated by this Mission, provided the documents are authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Pasport Office.

Affidavits and Special Power-of-Attorney could be declared/ signed at the Consulate General signature attested by the Consular Officer, will also be authenticated on application, subject to identification of the applicant.

AUD $40

Authentication of Australian documents after DFAT authentication

for Sri Lankan passport holders

AUD $45

Authentication of Australian documents after DFAT authentication

for foreign passport holders

AUD $ 65

The fee for attestation would be

If you are Sri Lankan national it is mandatory to bring your Sri Lankan passport, VEVO of Australian visa. If the applicant is a dual citizen foreign or Sri Lankan passport with the dual citizenship certificate are required. If the applicant is Australian, Australian passport is mandatory. All these documents should be originals.

The fee for attestation of a set of export documents is AUD $ 60, payable by cash, bank draft or money order to the “Sri Lanka Consulate General”.

For further details please contact the Consular Division

Contact on 02 92238729 or 02 92238742 or email us through