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The Consulate General office wishes to call your attention for the donation of valuable books by Dr. Mike Katz, Mineral Development Consultant from Australia which will be handed over to Universities in Sri Lanka. In the same spirit, the Consulate General office would also like to request from the esteemed members of the Sri Lankan community/organizations in NSW if they could donate any useful historically valuable books for distribution in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan community which migrated to Australia since 1960s, would have brought many publications from Sri Lanka and some of them would be valuable in relation to the History of Sri Lanka as well as useful for University students who are pursuing courses in the stream of Medicine, Law, Sociology, Commerce, IT, Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Biology and so on.

In addition, we understand that there are a number of second hand publications available in Sydney in various places including SALVOS STORES or SALVATION ARMY. Also there are well-known online shopping websites which offers used books on Sri Lanka and various related subjects for low cost prices.

The Consulate General office in liaison with the Sri Lanka Association in NSW wish to collect those publications from the interested well-wishers of the Sri Lankan Organizations in NSW and will dispatch to the Colombo Public Library, the Colombo National Library and some University libraries in Sri Lanka as per their requirement.

Hence we shall appreciate very much if members of the Sri Lankan community could donate such books/publications and magazines for the use of the younger generations in our country to gain wider spectrum of knowledge.


Sri Lanka Consulate General in Sydney.
18th May 2020

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