Ceremonial Commencement of work for the Year 2019


Consulate General of Sri Lanka officially marked the commencement of work for the new year with a ceremony on 2nd January 2019.

Official proceedings were started with singing of the National Anthem and observing two-minute silence for remembrance of National Heros who sacrifices their lives for the motherland. The oath of the public servants was read out followed by the speech by Consul General Mr Lal Wickrematunge. Thanking the staff for the successful teamwork of the past year Consul General urged to continue and improve on the same spirit to serve the public and implementation of government policies.

On the first day of work the public visiting the Consulate General was treated to a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast with milk rice.

Consul General also visited the Lankarama Buddhist Vihara in Schofield, Sydney on 8th January to invoke blessings on the Government and people of Sri Lanka.

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